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Live Tv, Features, TVC's, Music, Sport, Short Films, Drama Series, Corporate

Are just some of the production genre's James has worked in! 

         James' CV page is still being worked on..... but heres some examples of his work! .


                            But for a rough idea, please check out his IMDB page! -




Liam Burrows Muisc Video

Liam Burrows - "You Shook Me" music clip


James Puli - Camera / Steadicam Operator


DOP - Warwick Field ACS

Camera - Sony F55


Pink - Truth About Love DVD

2014 Pink - Truth About Love DVD (2 x Live Concerts)

James Puli - Steadicam Operator

DOP - Cameron Barnett

Dancing With the Stars Promo

2013 Dancing With The Stars Promo TVC's


James Puli - B Camera / Steadicam Operator


DOP - Borce' Damcevski

Camera - Arri Alexa / Sony F55


Aerial Cotortion TVC / Promo


Vicky Blackthorn aerial cotortion TVC


James Puli - Cinematographer / Camera Operator


Camera - Sony F3, EX1 and 5dMk3


The Only - Music Video


The Only - "Drag Me Down" music clip


James Puli - Steadicam Operator


DOP - Liam Gilmour

Camera - Red Epic


Glue Store TVC's


James Puli - Camera / Steadicam Operator


DOP - Nima Nibali Rad

Camera - Arri Alexa


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